Our Top Tips for Regifting This Holiday Season

We all know the scene: Jerry Seinfeld receives a label maker from his friend Tim Whatley as a ‘thank you’ for SuperBowl tickets. Elaine, standing by, realizes she’s seen the gift before — because she’s the one who gave it to Tim in the first place. Furious and insulted, she forever dubs him a “re-gifter.”

Have you ever received a gift only to turn around and give it someone else? You’re not alone: three out of four Americans find re-gifting a totally acceptable practice. While it used to be seen as tacky or downright rude, it’s now a movement towards a more sustainable and money-conscious lifestyle. And millennials are leading the charge.

Give More, Produce More

The average new zealander spends over $900 on gifts during the holidays. Between packaging and wrapping and discarding updated items, household waste increases by 25% at this time of year. We’re not saying you shouldn’t shower your loved ones with gifts — but there are ways to do it smarter.

et’s go back to Tim Whatley. If he hadn’t re-gifted the label maker, it would have sat in a drawer for eternity with nary a label to be made. Instead he gave it to someone he thought would actually get use out of it. Isn’t that better than letting the product go to waste, and buying something brand new?

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